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The box spring bed systems

Our box spring bed systems and mattresses provide incomparably restful comfort with convincingly high quality features. Made to custom specifications, each box spring bed is a uniquely crafted Product.


product features

Innovative sleeping culture

The name BRINKHAUS has been synonymous with expertise and quality in premium bedding since 1847.


down pillow Brinkhaus

The 3-chamber pillow

Made exactly as it is described, the DOWN SURROUND pillow enables BRINKHAUS craftsmen to bring together manufacturing know-how and ingenious skill to produce a new and very comfortable pillow.



Features & Quality

Our premium bedding delivers outstanding comfort to your bedroom. Whether you opt for a down, natural hair or fibre filling, at BRINKHAUS you can pick the materials to suit your needs and preferences. Enjoy healthy and recuperative sleep!

Seals of Quality



Product identification with the label “Confidence in Textiles” and the connected proven safety of textile products is an additional sales argument which surveys have found to be more important to consumers than price, functionality or brand. Widespread use and customer awareness of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 contribute to the OEKO-TEX® label now having a status similar to that of a brand name and being actively requested by consumers. Marking products with the OEKO-TEX® label therefore provides all textile and clothing manufacturers with valid certificates with an effective way of drawing more attention to their products. Without visible labels, consumers are not in a position to assess the human ecological quality of the textiles.



The NOMITE® mark indicates that a product is suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers: because down- and feather-filled products offer excellent thermal and climatic conditions for humans (rapid warming up when one is sleeping, rapid decrease in humidity when the bedding is aired), they provide a very poor habitat for house dust mites, which rely on high humidity to live. The tight weave of the down- and featherproof fabric acts as a barrier, preventing the mites from passing through, and therefore offers additional protection – so that those who suffer from house dust allergies or asthma can also enjoy the natural comfort afforded by down and feather bedding. This has been demonstrated by scientific research.



The spores of mould and mildew are known to be a cause of allergies. Their damaging influence can be combated with a special process technology. We have therefore treated the cloth for our quilts and pillows using the Medicott® process. When the products are cleaned correctly, this process inhibits the growth and development of mould and mildew – even when the product is wet for some time. The process does not use fungicides, microbicides or bactericides. It preserves the cotton fibre and supports its durability.


Wheel Mark

Wheel mark is the sign for products used in the shipping industry. The Maritime Equipment has to be produced under the European directive 96/98/EC. Brinkhaus has the right to deliver products in beddings goods like pillows and duvets/quilts.

Here you find the Document of Conformity:

DoC – Document of conformity

Additional Conditions of Traumpass® products


Traumpass® is a quality seal used for bedding, sleeping bags and clothing that are filled with down and feathers. Products marked with this seal must be filled with down and feathers from the two highest classes l and ll in accordance with EN 12934. In addition, all raw materials used in Traumpass products are by-products from meat production and thus sourced exclusively from slaughtered animals. Companies who use the seal on their products have agreed to adhere to this specification. The label “Traumpass DIN tested”, which is sewn into every product, contains an individual lot-specific testing number that enables the manufacturing company to be identified. The origin of the down and feathers used for filling can be traced back via documents such as delivery notes, invoices, tax and import certificates, ending at the slaughterhouse from which the raw materials are sourced. This guarantees that products with the Traumpass seal do not contain material from living animals. Checks to ensure that the user of the seal follows these guidelines are carried out in regular audits of the companies by the certification organisation DIN CERTCO, Berlin.

Product features

The BRINKHAUS product highlights

features duvet brinkhaus


The high quality of BRINKHAUS quilts, duvets and pillows is based on meticulously selected materials and the latest production methods. We apply a high degree of manufacturing know-how into our production facilities. As a specialist for fillings destined for quilts, duvets and pillows, we offer top-class sleeping comfort.

Hand-sewn corners offer the following benefits: perfect fit, no slipping, no empty bedding corners, making bedmaking easier and faster.

Perfect mouldability in the shoulder area.

Replicating the body’s shape to create a bed cocoon for constant heat retention.

Perfect mouldability in the foot area.

The stitching body in zones

Moulding to the shape of the sleeper, the duvet’s body zone stitching creates a cocoon providing a pleasant sleeping climate and the highest comfort. The stitching follows the contours of the body thus making a perfect sleeping cocoon with constant heat retention. It gently covers the body of the sleeper as lightly as a feather and provides optimal heat distribution, especially in the shoulder and feet regions, for superior comfort.

Duvets with body zone stitching offer great and recuperative sleep. It provides a pleasant, dry sleeping climate with good heat retention. Body zone stitching offers unparalleled cosiness and the first-rate materials guarantee exceptional sleeping comfort.

The dual construction

Lightweight, pleasantly warm and cosy sleeping – the dual construction comprises two individual quilts, one on top of the other, firmly sewn together along the edges. This results in an insulating air cavity between the two quilts, providing better heat retention without adding weight. The air cushion in the quilts improves sleeping ambience without burdening the sleeping body. The dual construction is a perfect example of modern and light-weight bedding that, in spite of the low weight, provides a heat-retaining air cushion for constant and pleasant warmth and cosy sleeping comfort.

the dual construction

The BRINKHAUS press studs and buttons

The sturdy BRINKHAUS press studs and buttons provide an easy combination option for all seasons and individual sleeping preferences. Our mother-of-pearl studs help adapt to different levels of ambient temperature. A light version can be used individually as a summer duvet while the thicker version is suitable for the spring or autumn. Connect both duvets for perfect warmth in winter.

neatly combined

The BRINKHAUS technical features

The unusual design makes this bed a custom product. Simply unique!

The glass top or drawers in the beautifully crafted products of furniture provide ample storage space.

Equipped with high resilience (HR) foam or a barrel pocket spring core, mattresses form the basis for a restful sleeping position with perfect support.

Unbeatable sleeping comfort thanks to the attractive design with barrel core.

Provides lots of space for quilts, pillows and plenty more.

High resilience (HR) foam, memory foam or gel foam provide snug and cuddly comfort.

Zürich Boxsprinhgbett Brinkhaus


The commitment

The quality offered by the BRINKHAUS brand is based on carefully chosen materials combined with modern production methods. Our range of quilts and pillows stands for first-class sound sleep.

Our guarantee label underlines the high quality of our BRINKHAUS brand products by describing the components they are made of and the benefits they offer. Every filling boasts 100 % BRINKHAUS quality. This is our guarantee that our products will meet even the most stringent of quality requirements.




Quality Index

The fabric

Which weave to use?
In considering casings and weaves throughout our brochure we refer to thread count. thread count is calculated by the addition of the number of threads in both directions of the weave, in a one inch direction from a given point. Thus higher thread counts mean finer weaves. As a guide to thread count, we can find bed linen that sometimes carries the term “percale”. Nowadays, this is taken to mean weaves where the thread count is a minimum of 180, our casings are very much higher thread counts than this. Part of our art at BRINKHAUS is knowing which weave is particularly suited for the type of filling it will hold. Twill, for example, is a highly versatile weave. It allows for an extremely fine high density thread count for superior strength. In addition, the softer and thicker weft yarn (those across the width) are on the inside, and therefore in contact with the filling. Over time, the fabric becomes matted through use and therefore increases its density. Cambric, a classic linen weave, marries the finest cotton yarns to extreme lightness. We have found this combination ideal for pure down or feather and down mixtures, the finest being a “batiste”. Satin weave takes its name from its effect. The high count of warp threads gives a luxurious shiny right side. Because this takes more yarn to achieve, it is an expensive weave. You will find examples of all three in our collection.

The feabric
The feabric
The feabric

The filling

Which is the best for me?
There is no easy answer to this question. It depends principally on individual taste – warmth required, type of sleeper, ambient temperature as well as climate. Premier goose down is the lightest, giving freedom to move and turn without disturbing rest. Cashmere, camel hair, silk, wool and cotton are other excellent natural fillings that we use. They are heavier than down but in the same way they promote air and moisture movement and respond to body temperature changes. Of these, silk is uniquely body responsive; wool provides warmth with high absorbency to draw off moisture. Cotton is also absorbent and as a natural plant source filling, it is a good option for allergy sufferers, polyester is the man-made alternative in this respect. However, whatever your final choice may be, the same care, attention and finish is applied to every duvet that carries the BRINKHAUS name.

The TOG-rate

Which “TOG-Rate” should I choose? The TOG expressed as a number, acts as a guide to the insulation property; more accurately it is the measure of the thermal resistance of a duvet construction. The higher the number, the more the duvet holds heat. For natural fillings other factors such as climate, humidity, ambient temperature and individual preferences are equally important. We also indicate other factors such as weight and warmth. However, it is important to note that other individual factors must be balanced in your final decision.

The perfect duvet filling, has been used for centuries now. This little miracle of nature, which has countless tiny air pockets between its individual hairs, provides excellent heat insulation and absorbs moisture, immediately transporting it out to the surrounding air. So your body stays warm and dry.

From time immemorial it has been synonymous with the most precious and fine natural animal hair. It comes from the Cashmere goat which lives in the Central Asian highlands of China and Mongolia. It is characterised by its special softness and smoothness. Cashmere hair acts as a climate regulator and assures excellent sleeping comfort.

Camel hair has good insulating properties and is more flexible and lighter than wool. Thanks to its outstanding ability to regulate moisture, the duvet is ideal for sleepers who perspire easily. The camel hair duvet is not suitable for people w ho often suffer from a dust mite allergy.

Silk is 100 % natural, silk has an absorption of about 30 % of its own weight and silk has the special characteristic of immediately being able to release the absorbed moisture into the air. Temperature differences in the body are absorbed by the silk and it is unique in being able to adapt to the body’s temperature changes. Silk is derived from the cocoon of silk moth the caterpillar and thus an animal fibre.

Pure new sheep’s wool is one of the oldest hairs used by man. It can absorb up to 30 % of its own weight in moisture without ever feeling damp. At the same time, it is able to quickly release this moisture into the surrounding air. So, you get a warm and cosy sleeping environment any time of the year.

One of the oldest agricultural crops known to man is also ideal for use as a quilt filling material. It stands out thanks to its excellent capacity for absorbing moisture. However, it does not store this moisture; rather, it quickly releases it into the surrounding air. The result is a pleasant and dry sleeping environment. In addition, it is very easy to care for – washable up to 95 °C – and suitable for people with dust allergies.

Duvets and pillows filled with modern textile fibres are functional, incredibly easy to care for and extremely hygienic, whilst also being cuddly soft and lightweight. As such products are washable at up to 60 °C or 95 °C and are suitable for tumble-drying, they are particularly highly recommended for people with dust allergies.

Bonnell springs are created individually like an hourglass, so they thicken at the ends and narrow toward the middle. All of the springs are connected. Bonnell springs provide excellent suspension and therefore a pleasant restoration force. They are extremely suitable for springing as they guarantee even absorption of the body’s weight.

A high resilience (HR) foam mattress is crafted from a type of foam that does not heat up significantly during the production process. The foam receives additional mechanical treatment during manufacturing to create the open pored structure. High resilience (HR) foam is more elastic than other types of foam.

These fibres possess a high capacity for moisture transport and breathability. Their form resilience makes them particularly suited to use as home textiles.

Abbreviated as PUR foam. Soft PUR foams are usually open-celled and are available in a broad range of hardness and density levels.

Rhombo-therm® is a material that balances temperature and humidity. It is manufactured in a special press-cut pattern that guarantees outstanding physical accommodation and delivers high point elasticity.

Barrel pocket spring cores offer the highest quality of all spring cores. Each individual spring is enclosed within a fabric pocket. The springs are shaped like barrels, which makes them fatter in the middle. They are connected in their thickest parts – with the result that the upper/lower parts of the spring are unrestricted in their movement and are therefore able to provide the body with precisely the support it needs.

Memory foam is a term describing a kind of foamed, synthetic materials that become more
elastic when warmed (by the body’s temperature) and that acquire greater firmness when cold. This special material absorbs the body and distributes its weight.