Bed and bedding tips


For box spring beds

Clean your box spring bed regularly to make sure you enjoy using it.

You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove every day dirt such as crumbs, dust and fluff (use the soft upholstery brush).

Use a damp leather cloth to wipe down the upholstery cover from time to time; this way the fibres will become elastic and the cover will remain beautiful for longer.

Remove stains immediately; do not allow them to dry. Swab liquids with an absorbent cloth or paper, but never wipe them! Allow the cleaned area to dry completely. Do not use a hair dryer. Then carefully brush the dried spot.

Protect pale and coloured upholstery covers from direct light. Close the curtains or blinds to keep out the sun and to prevent the colours from fading.

Please be aware that jeans or other trousers with rivets or rough seams – also belt buckles and jewellery – may damage the bed’s material covering.

Also be careful with pets that may damage the upholstery covers with their claws or beaks.

Maintain a balanced room climate and protect your bed from damp and moisture.


For mattresses

Use your mattress with matching system springing and a pillow or neck support pillow. This way you will rest comfortably.

A mattress pad (protector) between the mattress and the system springing prevents an unpleasant accumulation of dust from below and protects the mattress cover from any mechanical damage.

The ideal temperature in the bedroom is approx. 16-18 °C, while optimum humidity is around 45-60 %. Experience has shown that this combination is most advantageous for your sleep and is also ideal for your bed and its accessories.

Air your bedroom daily and ventilate your mattress – without quilt or bedspread – for a longer period. In this way you will allow approx. 0.5 l of moisture to evaporate into the surrounding air, preventing any possible spread of mould or stains.

Turn and rotate your mattress length- and cross- wise every few weeks; only turn it lengthwise if it is not used on both sides. This helps the materials to regenerate and extends the useful life of your mattress. The mattress handles are designed to help you rotate it; they are not suitable as a means of transport.

Simply clean your mattress occasionally with a soft brush to keep it in pristine condition. Do not knock or vacuum your mattress, as this would damage the fabric and padding.

If your mattress is fitted with a removable cover, make sure you adhere to the instructions on the stitched label during washing or cleaning. Remove all sticky labels before washing.

If you use your mattress regularly, we recommend that you replace it no later than every 8 – 10 years for hygiene and orthopaedic reasons.